Successful Information

A) Bankroll

Successful sports investors must have a bankroll to allow ups and downs. If your bankroll is lacking your chances of being successful become limited. This does not mean you need a big bankroll to invest but managing that bankroll is extremely important.

B) Money Management

Placing the correct amount of investment is just as important and goes in hand with Bankroll. Most investors go 1 or 2 percent of their bankroll per investment. As they grind out winning weeks, months & seasons then the bankroll becomes bigger which then their average investment is bigger. However still being 1-2 percent now with a bigger bankroll that same 1-2 percent is a bigger amount. Winning Today goes against the grain on this method in one way. We agree with a small percent of bankroll per investment although certain investments we feel require upwards of 15-20 percent. Yes not many in the industry will agree with us on that element of risk. However its essential to our yearly and sometimes seasonal goals.

C) Discipline

The ability to stick to a plan. Have the discipline of not needing Monday night, T.V. games or last game of the day indulgences. So in short if not on the projected game plan do not invest for entertainment. Try to watch, learn and increase your knowledge instead of risking bankroll. Doing so will pay off in the your goals department and ultimately your fun as well.

D) Research

Acquiring resourceful information. Listen to the radio, blogs, follow investors on twitter, Go to websites don't be afraid to buy information, be informed. One thing I could never understand an investor playing 1-3k on an event and does not get all the resourceful info to assure oneself which may cost them $100 or less. Put together contacts who know certain teams well. To be successful sometimes it takes following a division or certain divisions very well.

E) Goals

Some investors travel to Nevada and its all about recreation, fun and enjoyment of the event. Of course that's fine being a recreational investor but still having goals may help maintain bankroll and limit loses. Serious investors understand goals may change but ultimately keep one on track where they need to be.

F) Options

Meaning shopping for your investment. Nevada still provides a great way to accomplish this. Your line options are extensive with 6-8 different choices. Online players or one business option players sometimes are unable to accomplish this and ultimately lose a percentage of bankroll. It benefits the investor to have options for all events being played.